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Natural Language Interface

An API to convert natural language into actions
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talk to your data

DataLingvo is a cloud-based service and API enabling natural language interface to any service, database, or a device. Define the model to your data source using Java APIs and let users interact with it using a free-form natural language. Use our webapp or integrate into your own apps, bots or services.

Free-form natural language is the most intuitive and easiest way to interact with data. There is no learning curve, no special rules, syntax, or terms to remember - just a natural language that you already know and tools you already use:

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any data/device/service

Any data source, any device, any service. From databases and SaaS systems, to drones, smart home devices and robots, to myriads of voice assistants and conversational bots - DataLingvo provides the most comprehensive service and API to convert natural language into actions:

Free-form natural language search and data exploration
SaaS Systems
Provide the most intuitive interface to existing systems
Smart Home
Talk to your smart home beyond basic commands
Control robots through voice and natural language
Reduce cost with simpler and intuitive unified interface
Voice Assistants
Provide the next level of natural language comprehension
AI Bots
Made conversational bots truly smart and intelligent
REST Services
Unify various REST system via natural language interface

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frequently asked questions

1. What can I do with DataLingvo?
DataLingvo enables you to provide Google-like or Siri-like services to your own private data sources, i.e. use a free-form natural language to ask questions or control your data sources.
3. What can developer do with DataLingvo?
As a developer you use DataLingvo Java APIs to develop a data model that defines how to interpret user input and how to communicate with a specific data sources. You then deploy this model into data probe and let business users ask natural language questions about this data source.
5. What is the best way to start with DataLingvo?
Best way to start with DataLingvo is to follow Getting Started guide. Five minutes is all it takes to get up and running.
7. Alexa/Google/Siri vs. DataLingvo?
Unlike NLP-on-rails services DataLingvo uniquely supports:
  • Free-form natural language comprehension
  • Real-time human curation and conversation management
  • AI that self-learns more with every interaction
  • Private data sources and enterprise security
  • On-premise deployment and Managed Service Offering
  • Any input and output modes: text, voice, HTML, JSON...
9. DataLingvo vs. traditional NLP-on-rails systems?
Unlike NLP-on-rails systems (Amazon Alexa and to a lesser degree Google and Apple Siri) DataLingo supports a free-form natural language comprehension vs. a predefined set of commands and sentences.
11. NLP toolkit like Stanford NLP vs. DataLingvo?
DataLingvo actually utilizes Stanford NLP internally inside its NLP pipeline. NLP toolkits provide low-level basic linguistic analysis while DataLingvo is built on top of that and adds a long list of features and capabilities.
13. How to integrate DataLingvo into custom app?
You can use DataLingvo REST APIs to embed DataLingvo capability into your website, bots, services, etc.
2. Is this for developers or business analysts?
DataLingvo is a fully featured data analytics and management system. Developers build and train data models while business users and analysts get to “talk” to the data using just a natural language.
4. What can business users do with DataLingvo?
Business users use DataLingvo webapp or your own bots, apps, or services to interact with your data sources that you’ve connected using a natural language.
6. What is data probe and why do I need to run it?
Data probe is a secure application that employs end-to-end encryption and router ingress-only connectivity. Its purpose is to deploy and manage private data models. Data probes can be deployed and run anywhere as long as there is an outbound connectivity, and are typically deployed in DMZ or close to your private data sources like a corporate database.
8. Can I use DataLingvo together with Amazon Alexa?
Yes. DataLingvo REST APIs can be used for more sophisticated Alexa intent processing including support for real-time human curation and conversation management.
10. What is human curation?
Curation is a process of real-time human resolution of the conversational context. Curation is used to resolve contextually dependant meaning or misspellings, correct colloquial terms or slang, fix voice-to-text irregularities or texting grammar. DataLingvo employs patent-pending technology called “Human Curated Linguistics” (HCL).
12. Does DataLingvo support voice/speech input?
DataLingvo is agnostic to how a natural language sentence was obtained: through browse-based voice recognition, Amazon Alexa, keyboard entering, or any other means. All DataLingvo APIs deal with textual representation of the language.
14. What does “Lingvo” in DataLingvo mean?
“Lingvo” means “Language” in Esperanto.

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key features

Semantic Modeling
DataLingvo employs advanced semantic modelling and comprehension allowing for free-form language understanding including anaphora/cataphora support, slang and speech recognition comprehension.
Any Data Source
Any data source, any device, any service. From databases and SaaS systems, to drones, smart home devices and robots, to myriads of voice assistants and conversational bots - DataLingvo can work with any data source.
Self-Learning AI
The semantic modelling engine inside of DataLingvo is based on a self-learning recognition. It is trained by the experts, understands more that it is taught, and learns more with every interaction.
Human Curation
DataLingvo’s patent pending Human Curated Linguistic technology powers the elusive “last mile” of the language comprehension. It enables real-time human curation eliminating probabilistic nature of traditional machine learning.
Automatic Dialog Support
DataLingvo detects missing information from user-defined intent and automatically asks for clarification from the user.
DataLingvo employs state-of-the-art Short-Term-Memory (STM) support allowing for automatic comprehension of anaphoric and cataphoric linguistic constructs and maintaining conversational context.
REST Integration
Built by and for developers with deep and sophisticated APIs and REST-based integrations providing powerful natural language comprehension yet in a simple and intuitive way.
DataLingvo provides powerful web interface for end users to interact with custom data sources in Google-like fashion. On-premise deployment and managed service offering available.
Enterprise Security
Whether you are team of one or a team of 100s DataLingvo provides enterprise grade team support, full security and end-to-end encryption, as well as user management and smart data source sharing.

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human curated linguistics

For the last half a century scientists tried to build a computer software that would mimic a human brain to attain the Artificial Intelligence. We envisioned a different approach. Instead of building a software that mimics a human brain - we use the power of human brain to solve "last mile" language comprehension problem and developed the technology that makes this process efficient and real-time. Our patent pending human curated linguistics technology is trained by the experts, understands more that it is taught, and learns more with every interaction.

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For the last 3 years we've been developing the first dedicated Natural Language Interface platform. We are located in San Francisco, California and Saint Petersburg, Russia.